Project Brief

Project Title

Wondrous Creatures by Sandra Klink

Business needs

Since I take part in nationally juried art shows I would like my audience to see new creations, along with examples of past work. My hope is to get more repeat customers back to see newer work, exhibit past works, provide a means for clients to get in touch of me, and inform my audience of upcoming art shows.

It is difficult to market items that are one of a kind. Instead I market my items to be visually appealing, see what the client desires after speaking directly with them, and if I do not have anything that best meets their desires I offer to construct a piece on consignment.


My target audience is usually 50+ year olds. These people are primarily working professionals or retirees who are collectors. If I were to single out a particular group I would say buyer tend to be women looking for decorative items for second homes. If you want more detail I would also say that these individuals are collectors who are very specific about what they want. Also, in the 37 years I have done this most people tend to buy pieces based upon past memories.



Success measures

The primary success measures are to get 5% more inquiries for commissioned work per year and increase in-person turnout at art shows by 10%.


Other artists have tried to copy my work. Their obvious strength is that they sell similar pieces for a lower cost. However, their weakness is that when one has interest in high-end artwork they tend to start by building a relationship with the artist, and are therefore buying into the personality of the artist. In building these relationships I have noticed that such clientele will return to get another piece. However, this is not the case with “copycat” artists. Another aspect of competitors is that when an original piece is made it has certain energy, but when that piece is duplicated the outcome doesn’t have the same feeling.


Keeping the website up-to-date is difficult, primarily since I am not a technical person.