Prototype URL

Who, What

The shareholder, my brother, and an art enthusiast from a previous exercise undertook testing of the prototype. The results were primarily on par with the discussions I have had with the shareholder, as well as others, throughout the quarter. Expectations of prototype testing were particular to the navigation of the domain.

The Good

The feedback that was left was largely positive. I am happy the navigation worked out, as I was hoping this aspect would go over well. The testers were also quite excited about the dynamic map integration in the “Locations” section. To fully implement what I have spoken with the shareholder about will be a challenge. However, after working with the Google Maps API a few years back I am not all that concerned.

Areas for Improvement

The failure that the testers saw was in the ordering of the menu options. To this, once I am able to design a functional menu using CSS, HTML5, and JS it will be much easier to modify attributes to keep the menu at one horizontal row. For mobile devices I hope to utilize all of the above coding options to allow for a responsive and touch-friendly design.

The suggestion I received was regarding a creation of a mailing list. Its creation was suggested in the “Contact” section, which would make absolute sense. However, I need to research any related options with my hosting provider since the shareholders number 1 priority is to keep ongoing management of a web presence as simple as possible.

Survey Monkey Results

The Unexpected

None of the prototype feedback caught me completely off-guard. Although, in the survey it was asked what size devices the website would be expected to be formatted for. I was caught off-guard from the responses that no one expected the formatting to be designed for any screens below 5 inches. In addition to this, no one elected for anything above a 15-inch laptop screen.

Evaluation Plan