Card Sort

Overall, the card sorting activity was somewhat successful in the user design portion of my clients website. When initially creating the card sort my objective was to gain a better understanding, not only towards enthusiasts of my clients’ artwork, but possibly finding similarities with uninformed participants. This was carried out by compiling the card sort with statements, questions, and exclamations related to the subjects of my client’s creations.

The instructions that were provided were taken from Card sorting: a definitive guide by Donna Spencer, specifically from the section labeled “Execution”. In doing so, it informed the participants not to worry about the navigation. Being that some of the end-users were more informed than others the results were dramatically different. However, seeing that Optimal Workshop gathers the users’ geo-location, the outliers could be removed from the results and a much clearer picture emerged.

After the results had been “filtered,” three of the participants were contacted to discuss their thoughts on what that had taken part in. One of the participants felt confused by the process, being that they had no understanding of what was trying to be accomplished. The remaining two participants knew exactly what the card sort was for, putting them at an unfair advantage. With that, if this activity were given again with a brief understanding of the goals the results would have been dramatically different.

The results of the card sort can be found here.